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Viral Photo Shows the Real Heroes of the Raging Wildfires in Tennessee

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A Community Rallies Around a Fallen Officer’s Family With Support and Gifts

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7-Year-Old Girl With Life-Threatening Illness Swims With Sea Otters for Therapy

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‘Hero’ Pit Bull Who Saved a Woman From Attack Finally Finds a Home

Dolly Parton and Jennifer Nettle seen on The Voice season 11 as seen on NBC.  Dolly Parton, Jennifer Nettles and Top 10: "Circle of Love"

Featuring: Dolly Parton
Where: United States
When: 30 Nov 2016
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Dolly Parton Starts Fund for Tennessean Wildfire Victims

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8-Month-Old Baby Survives Devastating Car Crash With Just a Scratch on Her Face

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The Oldest Woman on the Planet Just Celebrated Her 117th Birthday

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Man Holds Up ‘You Belong’ Sign Outside a Mosque in Texas

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